A craft beer brewed with almost exclusively Sardinian ingredients

Professionalism and passion for an unforgettable beer. The microbrewery LARA is on the territory of Ogliastra and produces unpasteurized and unfiltered raw beer,

e 500 ml - alc. 8% vol.

Top-fermented red style bock beer Weizen, full of spicy warm tones, heavy alcohol with hints of fruit in spirit. Harmonious and very drinkable despite the high alcohol content. Buy

e 500 ml - alc. 6% vol.

Smoked dark top-fermented wheat beer style rauch. Buy

l. 0,50 e - alc. 6,1% vol

Top-fermented dark beer style wheat beer dunkle, which is the dark version of wheat beer, which combines the sumptuous taste of toffee dark malts with the sour fruity wheat. Buy

e 500 ml - alc. 5.2% vol.

Top-fermented amber style saison. Stand smell of peach and exotic fruits, the still taste the peach note and acidity given by citrus tones. Buy

e 500 ml - alc. 4,7% vol.

White wheat beer, dry and rustic aromas and taste net wheat more than fruit and spices. Buy

e 500 ml - alc. 4,9% vol.


e 500 ml - Alc. 5% vol.

Blonde opalescent style Weizen wheat beer, very delicate and drinkable with fruity aromas to banana, soft peach and vanilla on the palate, persistent banana flavored and vanilla aftertaste. Buy

e 500 ml - Alc. 6,8 % vol.

Red Style India Pale Ale beer with a good body. Rubja is distinguished by its fruity aromas of red berries and fresh hop notes, the flavor hints of toast and orange with a final of hops that cleans the palate. Buy

l. 0,50 e - Alc. 6,1% vol

Blonde English ale style beer, body light and best average hoppy, perfumes floral and herbaceous fresh hop. Buy


The brewery

Drinking a Beer Lara means choosing a high-quality beer, raw, whole, unfiltered and unpasteurized.
Beer Lara is a beer brewed according to the flemish tradition, revisited by the master brewer according to personal taste, also giving a touch of "terroir" with the use of products linked to its territory.



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